Iowa Considers Bill Removing No - Fault Divorce System for Some



Iowa was the second jurisdiction in the United States to adopt a no-fault divorce system. This system basically means that people who want to end a marriage can do so without stating a specific reason such as infidelity or abuse. No-fault divorce is something that has been accepted across the country, but it also has had its share of critics. Iowa has recently decided that it wants to consider the possibility of removing the no-fault system for some couples.


A State Representative in Iowa recently introduced a bill in the appropriate sub-committee that passed that level of scrutiny. It will now move to consideration by the full committee, and if it passes through that level it will be considered by the entire legislative body. The bill would prevent no-fault divorces from being filed by couples who are raising children who are younger than 18 years old without proof that at least one of the spouses was convicted of a felony, had committed adultery, had engaged in physical or sexual abuse or who had abandoned the family for a minimum of one year. If none of those things could be proven, then the family would have to wait until the youngest child reached 18 years of age to file for divorce.

Clearly, the reason that this bill is being considered is because those who support it want to keep fathers in the home for the benefit of children. Those who are against this bill believe that forcing families to remain together could actually do more harm to children than allowing their parents to split up and pursue their own lives and interests. Experts appear to be divided on whether or not this bill will be seriously considered by the full legislature.

California is showing no real signs of repealing its no-fault divorce system, but that doesn’t mean that people who face the end of their marriages don’t need to take steps to protect their legal rights. If you are in this position, contact the San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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