How to Celebrate Father’s Day as a Divorced Dad


How to Celebrate Father’s Day as a Divorced Dad

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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17. If you’re a divorced dad, there’s no reason to dread this very special day. While it may be difficult adjusting to family-based holidays in the immediate aftermath of your divorce, Father’s Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate and reinforce the bond between dads and their children.

In this issue, we’ll share tips for how you and your children can make Father’s Day 2018 the best one yet.

Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day as a Divorced Dad

  1. Try compromise if the children will be with your ex.
    If the custodial schedule calls for your children being with your former spouse or partner on Father’s Day, try – in good faith – to modify the schedule so that you can be with your children. It’s crucial that you be respectful to your ex, as children naturally want to see both of their parents get along peacefully.
  2. Choose to do something your children like.
    Time with your children is perhaps the best gift you can give them. While the name of the holiday is Father’s Day, focus instead on their wants. Let them decide well ahead of time how they’d like to celebrate with you, and enjoy how excited they get about the day as it gets closer.
  3. Start a new Father’s Day tradition.
    If your divorce was recently finalized, this is an especially good time to re-evaluate your family traditions. If there are already traditions in place that you and your children appreciate, keep them going. Likewise, now is the perfect time to launch new traditions that will generate an even more meaningful relationship with your children.
  4. Be good to yourself if your children aren’t able to be with you on Father’s Day.
    Even if your children can’t be with you, spoil yourself by focusing on you. Good ideas include taking your own father out to lunch, spending time with your friends, doing a bit of exercise or getting out of town for an adventure.

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As big fans of dads, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day this year.

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