How Is Social Media Affecting Married Couples



How Is Social Media Affecting Married Couples

How Social Media is Effecting Married Couples

Social media is having a startlingly large influence on married couples, resulting in an increasing number of separations and divorces.  At least 10 percent of married couples who use social media say that technology has had a “significant impact” on their relationship, and 20 percent of partners say that the impact of social media and Internet use on their relationship has been negative.  A recent study from Boston University suggests that those who use social media extensively are 32 percent more likely to separate from their spouses, and one in three divorcing couples cites Facebook as a reason for their split.  A quarter of married couples admit that they have accepted distraction by a partner due to technology usage and eight percent say they have argued with their partners about the amount of time spent online.  Four percent of married people say that they have been upset by something they found their spouse doing online.  At least a quarter of married couples text each other even when both are in the home, and nine percent say that they feel closer to their spouse through the use of technology, especially in exchanging text messages.

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