How are Wills and Trusts Affected in Divorce?


How are Wills and Trusts Affected in Divorce?

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There are many complicated issues surrounding the end of a marriage and the beginning of a divorce process. These issues must be resolved before you can legally dissolve the marriage. Estate planning is a common example of one type of issue that makes divorce complicated. Specifically, couples sometimes have questions about how to handle wills and trusts. If you do not properly handle these issues, you could be dealing with severe tax or other financial consequences later on. Anyone who is facing a divorce that includes possible estate issues should immediately seek the help of experienced San Diego divorce attorneys with experience handling wills and trusts as well.

The San Diego attorneys found at Men’s Legal Center focus on two main areas of California family law:

  • Wills – Wills are instruments which are used to designate the distribution of assets to specific beneficiaries. During a divorce, the parties must decide who should inherit which assets. Dividing up the marital state could become extremely complicated. When this happens, wills may need to be changed. If you are fail to address these issues and one or both partners die, the survivors involved will have to handle the situation, creating stress for them.
  • Trusts – Providing an inheritance to specific beneficiaries is just one of many functions for which trusts can be used. There are many different types of trusts, and it can be quite difficult and incredibly complicated and time-consuming to adjust or dissolve them if not handled appropriately by professionals with experience.

If you need an experienced attorney to help you through your divorce in San Diego, Men’s Legal Center can help. The attorneys at Men’s Legal Center have experience in handling the issues that arise from divorce, including those surrounding wills and trusts.

How the Wills and Trusts Attorneys at Men’s Legal Can Help

When facing the prospect of divorce, it is important to consider the presence of a will or trust and how these instruments may complicate dissolution, especially with property division. If you are in this situation, take immediate action in order to protect your legal rights. Contact Men’s Legal Center and speak with an experienced San Diego wills and trusts attorney to ensure you are protected throughout your divorce. Do not let the complications of wills and trusts ruin your chances of a fair divorce process. Set up an initial consultation appointment with a Men’s Legal Center wills and trusts attorney today.

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