How to Handle Divorce Like A "Grownup"


How to Handle Divorce Like A “Grownup”

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Over the last few years, midlife divorce numbers have skyrocketed. There are many reasons for this, but some experts suggest that as the population is getting older, people are no longer content with settling down in midlife and accepting that they will grow old with their current spouses. Instead, they tend to look for new partners or for single life if they are unhappy with the circumstances of the marriage. Many couples also choose to wait until the children are out of the home before getting a divorce. Additionally, the focus on eating right and exercising has made today’s middle-age people feel and look better than any midlifers in history, prompting a younger outlook on life.

Many people are being called on to deal with “gray divorce,” or divorce after the age of 50. Here are a few tips from the experts at the Men’s Legal Center on how to handle divorce in the middle or later years.

Don’t Take It To Social Media

We live in an age in which we share all of our information on social media sites. Unfortunately, even older people tend to share too much information through social media. It is important to remember that anyone can see your posts, even if you set up privacy filters, and that you cannot “take back” something that is put on the Internet.

Instead of spreading your feelings over the web, talk to a therapist. If you feel sad or angry, a therapist is the proper person to help you deal with these feelings, not social media followers.

Spare Your Family And Friends

Putting your family and mutual friends on the spot is a bad way to deal with the issue of divorce. It is especially wrong to make them “choose sides.” Your family can usually be supportive of you without having to cut your former spouse out of their lives altogether, and friends should never be forced to choose between the two of you. While it is likely that this process will occur naturally at a later time, you should never force the issue.

Take The High Road

Although you may refuse to involve your children, family and friends that does not mean that your spouse will play by the same rules. It is a good idea to step back, take a deep breath and calm down before you respond to any perceived negative comments. Remember that what your spouse says and does should never determine how you behave during this difficult time. It is hard to “take the high road,” but you will ultimately be much happier if you do.

If you are facing a divorce, do not try to handle the situation alone. Contact the attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center for help.

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