Great At-Home Activities for Single Dads


activities for single dads

If you are a single father, it is important to plan visitation activities that are not only fun for your kids and for you but that are easy for you to manage. It is also important for most single dads to save money.

You might think an expensive trip to Disneyland for a day is your best option, but there are plenty of things you can do in your own home to have fun when it is your weekend to have the children. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • One of the greatest experiences you can share with your children is preparing food together. Forget about gourmet-level cuisine; just grilling some hot dogs and eating outside at the picnic table or making some homemade ice cream together is fun. Remember to choose recipes that allow your children to participate in preparation. Even the youngest in your family can help set the table or clean up afterwards.
  • Go outside to your own backyard or take your children to the park and kick around a soccer ball, throw a baseball or football or play some basketball. Any sport, including a long walk/hike or bike ride around your neighborhood, is a great way to involve your children in activities that help them stay healthy. Sports also allows you to have fun and brings your family together.
  • Movie Night. Involve your children in choosing a movie, make some popcorn and enjoy a show. Watching movies together is relaxing and fun, and costs you almost nothing.
  • Board Games. Kids love board games, and they have the advantage over video games of allowing everyone to participate. Clear the kitchen table, make some snacks and break out the Candyland, Sorry!, or Monopoly boards. You will find that your kids will really enjoy the family time, even if they are normally video game addicts.

As a single dad, it may be hard to resist the idea that you must spend great amounts of money on your children when they visit. However, it is far more important to spend quality time with your kids than to spend cash on the latest toys. Instead of falling into the spending trap, try a family activity that will benefit you and your children.

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