Getting Through Holiday Travel With Kids


holiday travel with children during divorce

If you are a single dad traveling with kids this holiday season, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family for fun rather than frustration.  Here are a few tips to make holiday travel enjoyable with your children.

  • Make a plan. Last-minute travel may be spontaneous and fun for adults, but it can spell disaster when you have small children along.  Be sure you make checklists for all the kids’ items, such as medication, special sleep toys and other crucial items before you pack.
  • Understand that things take longer than normal. Holiday travel usually involves longer lines, slower traffic and more crowded spaces, so plan ahead for this.  Do not plan to arrive at your destination “on time”; instead, build in a cushion for traffic jams, airport delays and other unavoidable problems of travel.
  • Keep an emergency kit handy. Not only should your car or shoulder bag have emergency first-aid items such as bandages, but you should also have “emergency” entertainment prepared in case you are stuck somewhere for a time.  Some travel board games, favorite books or a device with kid-friendly movies are excellent choices to keep kids occupied during inevitable waiting periods.
  • Have a sense of humor. The children will model their behavior on what they see you do.  If you are positive and treat setbacks or irritations as a minor issue, they will probably do so as well.  Look on the bright side and simply enjoy being with your kids, even if the surroundings are hectic or unfriendly.
  • Don’t over plan. While having a plan is a good idea, it is possible to plan too much and take the joy out of travel.  If your kids have never been to an old-fashioned diner and you spot one on the road when you are all hungry, why not stop for a bite?  If you get the chance during your travels to see something interesting or different, why not try it out?  Leave room for flexibility; these moments are often the ones best remembered and most treasured in the years to come.


The attorneys at Men’s Legal Center in San Diego work with fathers who want the best for their children.  We recognize that divorce is a reality for many fathers, and we try to help you create the best agreement for you and your children.  Call today for more information.


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