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When To Fight For Custody Of Children

When to fight for custody

Most men are fortunate enough, even in a divorce, to know that their children are taken care of when they are with the former spouse. Whether these men have partial or nearly full custody or only visit on weekends, they know that the mother of their children has the children’s best interests at heart and provides them with food, clothing and other basic necessities as well as protecting the children from harm.

Unfortunately, there are also a few situations in which this is not the case. When children are abused or subject to danger from new boyfriends or husbands, or when their needs are simply not met and they are neglected, it may be necessary for the father to fight for custody.

Can I Get Custody of My Children?

Courts are tasked with discovering the best interests of the child and protecting those interests with all decisions. If you have evidence that the children are being abused or neglected, it is possible to get custody of your children. While men have not traditionally found it easy to gain full custody of children, there have always been cases in which this has happened, and today it is more common than ever to find fathers taking a primary role in raising the children.

However, judges will not just give custody to one parent based on accusations from the other parent with no proof. Here are some things you can do to help a judge make a custody decision in your favor:

  • Keep good records. If the children are old enough, tell them to call the police if they are subject to any type of abuse or neglect. A police report will go a long way toward proving your case. If your children are very young, take pictures and keep records of anything you notice that looks suspicious.
  • Be careful about questioning your children. Children may be fiercely loyal, even to a parent who is abusive. Be sensitive when questioning your children about possible abuse issues.
  • Get medical help. If your children appear to be injured, seek medical help immediately.

Fighting for custody is a difficult process. The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center may be able to help you with your attempt to protect your children and gain full custody. Contact them today for more information about how you can protect your rights and those of your children.

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