Downsizing After Divorce


Downsizing After Divorce

Downsizing After Divorce

Downsizing is a normal part of life. The chances are that you have already gone through several downsizing periods:  when you moved into a college dorm or military barracks, when you moved into your first apartment or when you got married and had to make the same space work for two people.

After divorce most people are looking for a fresh start and affordable living. Downsizing may be the answer.  After divorce you may be confronted with paying alimony, child support, and creating an affordable home. Somehow, downsizing after a divorce, however, seems much more painful than at other periods of life.  It is important to keep in mind that downsizing after divorce is no different than any other time you have cut back on your possessions, and it can actually be a good experience if you keep some of these tips in mind.

Tips To Keep You On Track:

  1. Inventory. Take an inventory of must haves, can replace, and live without. This will help you determine what you really need.

2. Get a feel for your new space. It may help you to figure out which room in your current home is comparable to your new space. This way you can determine what you really need. Also consider getting a floor plan of your new home or apartment so that you can decide where you want the big pieces of furniture located and see if they will fit.

3. Get rid of the clutter. Now that you are moving into a smaller place, get rid of the junk that you do not use and do not need. Do not throw items away. Donate your items to a second hand store, resell your valuable items, and recycle.  You will be happier and someone else may get some use from your donated items.

4. Concentrate on eliminating unreasonable items. If you are moving into a condo you will not need lawn equipment. Downsize what you have in your kitchen. There is no need for multiple cooking utensils and bowls. Get rid of the ice cream maker that is sitting in your garage.

5. Consider space-saving furniture. Do not feel like you have to keep your current furniture. Downsizing is not just about less square footage and a smaller mortgage; it is also about living smaller.  A love seat instead of a full-size sofa may be fine for your living room if you do not entertain often.

6. If you have tried downsizing but cannot seem to manage to get rid of the clutter, consider looking at your items as if they belonged to someone else. This will change your perspective of your needs and wants. If you are still having trouble, ask a trusted friend for help and genuinely listen to that friend’s advice.

7. If it is broken, recycle it. There is never a need to hold on to broken items.

8.  Make it a game.  Keep records of your donations and set a goal to beat.  It will be more fun if you and your friends make downsizing into a contest or game.

Men’s Legal Can Help With Your Divorce Issues

If you are considering divorce or are facing the potential of divorce, contact Men’s Legal Center immediately. Divorce can be very painful and expensive, especially if you do not have the right attorney fighting for your rights. Men’s Legal Center offers years of experience in the field of divorce, separation, child custody, child support, property division, men’s equal rights and more.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center and let us begin fighting for you.

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