Divorced Dads: You Don't Divorce Your Kids


Children and Divorce

If you are a father who has been through a divorce then you know that it often feels like you have broken up with your children as well as your wife. The moment that you step into a new house that is free from the clutter of toys and parental responsibilities, you begin to grieve. Once the reality sets in that you will not see your children as often as before, whether due to court orders or distance, feelings of failure and loss may become prevalent.

You may feel cut off from your kids, but do not give up hope. In many cases, divorced dads find new connections with their children after they leave the house. You may be out of their lives on a daily basis but that does not change the fact that you are their father. Your position as a father can never be changed by court order or divorce if you claim that responsibility no matter how difficult it may be.

Divorced Dads Often Victimized

It is true that divorced dads often feel the full brunt of the divorce. They may be de-legitimized and thrown out of a child’s life due to an angry spouse. However, this does not mean that you should cease to spend time with your child or give up your rights.

Fathers who are on military duty are unable to see their children for months at a time but still get an emotional welcome on their return. The same can be true for divorced fathers. Fatherhood is measured in moments and in quality time with your children. Do all the things that you are missing out on: eat breakfast with them, shop together at the mall and go to the supermarket. You do not need to shower your childern with trips and gifts; just remember that you have a responsibility to protect and nurture your kids and meeting them occasionally is an excellent way to shape them and have them shape you.

Most of all, never give up your parental rights, even if you think that it might be best for your children. It is important to stand up for your rights as a father and maintain a presence in your child’s life.

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