Divorce Rate in China Continues to Climb


Divorce Rate in China Continues to Climb


China has always been seen by Americans as a mysterious place and a bit of a dichotomy between the old, traditional China and the new and bustling modern China that’s been emerging in recent years. It’s no secret that as China has jumped into the modern world in many different ways, the country’s population has emulated western culture and American culture in particular. If you walk down any urban Chinese street, you’re likely to see signs for McDonald’s and Nike and you’re likely to see locals listening to American artists on their iPods.

It seems that the culture of China is becoming more like that of the United States in another way – marriage and divorce. In a piece of news that flies in the face of the general belief that China remains very staunch in terms of its demands on family stability, the International Business Times reports that the divorce rate in China has gone up for the seventh consecutive year. Nearly 3 million marriages ended in China in 2012, and that represents an increase of almost 8 percent over 2011.

Surveyors at Tsinghua University asked questions of respondents, and many of them were in a way more interesting than the rising divorce rate that’s hitting China. For instance, 80 percent of the respondents stated that they would marry their spouse all over again if they had the chance, but only 58 percent of those who responded said that they were quite sure that their spouses were not engaging in infidelity. Finally, the survey found that people in China who were married for less than 3 years were the happiest while those who were married between 7 and 10 years were the least satisfied with their marriages.

Marriage is a complicated thing that requires work on the part of the spouses, and it does not always work out. Apparently, this holds true in China much like almost anywhere else. People who face the end of their marriages face difficult situations. If this includes you, contact the San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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