Dating After Divorce: 5 Signs It Is Not A Good Idea!


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Divorce allows you to experience the best and worst of relationships. So, the good news is that now you won’t be making all those mistakes that made you go through the weatherstorm that is divorce! After divorce, you may want to get back in the dating game as a means of distraction or maybe you want to return on your quest to find your soul mate. In any case, here are five surefire signs that show you are NOT ready to date:

1.      Dating To Make Your Ex Jealous

Dating should be done for the right reasons and making your ex jealous is not right. You are being unfair to yourself and your new dating partner. So, get yourself emotionally stable before returning back to the hunt.

2.      Talking About Your Divorce with Your New Dating Partner

If you are spending your entire date talking about your ex, you are definitely not ready to start dating again. Dating someone new should be a new beginning of your romantic life.

3.      Comparing Your New Dates with Your Ex

You divorced your ex-spouse for a reason, so stop using him/her as a benchmark for your future dates. If you are still hung up on him/her, you need to go through a cleansing ritual before you can date someone new.

4.      You Are Still Upset About Your Divorce

A divorce is extremely devastating, no doubt, but don’t make it a hindrance for your dating life. Your divorce will make you angry and sad every time you think about it, which is why you shouldn’t date till you get to a point where it’s not a constant grudge.

5.      You Are Still In Touch With Your Ex

Unless you have kids with your ex, you shouldn’t be seeing him/her at all. If you are still involved with him/her, it’s impossible to move forward and start dating again.

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