California Senate Bill Could Wind Up Lowering Alimony Payments


One of the more contentious issues that tends to arise during the course of a California divorce is alimony, which is also commonly known as spousal support.  Generally, when a couple files for a divorce, there are temporary orders that are issued regarding child custody, visitation and of course child support and spousal support if applicable.  These spousal support payments have always been difficult for the paying spouse to accept.

However, that law could be changing slightly if a bill that’s being introduced to the State Senate is voted into law.  Basically, Senate Bill 481, introduced by State Senator Rod Wright, would require divorce court judges in California to give consideration to the amount that has already been paid by one spouse to another at the time that the final property division order is entered.  Doing so would help to prevent what some would see as a double payment to the spouse who is receiving support and would make the entire process more equitable.

Of course, this bill has already been polarizing with the public.  Supporters of the bill agree that spouses who receive spousal support are often in-effect double paid when the previously paid amount is not considered at the time of the final property division.  Opponents of the bill are virulently against it because it would lower spousal support payments on average.

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Clearly, this is an issue that will continue to be contentious until it’s resolved one way or the other, but that isn’t any different than the contentious nature of spousal support orders in California in general.  Those who face this situation need to be sure that they have the necessary legal help to make sure that their rights are being protected and enforced.

If you are facing the possibility that your marriage could be ending, you need to act now to make sure that your interests are protected.  Contact the San Diego men’s rights lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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