Child Custody Battle Shows How Deceit on Facebook Can Go wrong


California Child Custody Battle Shows How Deceit on Facebook Can Go Awry

When people face the prospect of a divorce and then face the possibility of fighting over child custody, the situation can quickly devolve into an exercise of prolonged nastiness and antagonism.  In recent years, one of the emerging issues regarding these battles has related to social media sites such as Facebook.  A recent California child custody case should provide anyone facing a child custody fight how not to use social media sites in an attempt to gain a legal advantage.

Specifically, a recent California child custody dispute involved a woman who was taking care of the two young children as she went through a divorce.  The husband then proceeded to create a fake Facebook account and struck up an email relationship with the wife.  Through emails, he encouraged her to send him videos of her dancing in a sexual manner, and the wife used their 8-year-old daughter as a videographer.  The husband then used these videos as evidence towards his assertion that he should obtain custody of the children.

However, the court that was overseeing this case was just as unhappy about the fact that the father had set up a fake Facebook account and allowed his daughter to film sexually suggestive videos as it was about the fact that the mother was performing these videos in front of the child.  As a result, the couple’s son remained with the mother, but the daughter was given to a different party with the parents retaining visitation rights.

San Diego Child Custody Lawyers

The case discussed above should highlight to anyone that when a person is faced with the possibility of not having his children in the home every day, the mind can go to strange places and a father can do strange things.  However, this type of conduct is never advisable as it could ultimately harm not only the father’s legal position but also the child or children involved.

If you are facing this issue and you want to be sure to give yourself the best chance to maximize your position, you need to seek the help of San Diego child custody lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of fathers for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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