5 Fall Fun Ideas for Single Parents


5 Fall Fun Ideas for Single Parents

Halloween's pumpkins

We are officially in the fabulous fall season. That means crisp air, leaf piles, pumpkins, and spectacular colors.

If you’re a single parent struggling for ideas of fun activities for your children, we’ve got you covered in this issue with some awesome tried-and-true suggestions for fall fun.

Can’t Miss Fall Family Activities

  1. Pick apples at an orchard.
    One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of fall is picking apples on a sunny day at an orchard. This is a host of apple and pear orchards in San Diego, most of which offer U-pick or we pick packages.  Before making your way out, though, be sure to call the orchard for ticket information and hours of operation.
    When you get back to your place, take advantage of your harvest and make something delicious with your apples. Here are a few incredibly delicious apple recipes to get you thinking.
  2. Take in the fall colors.
    Because of our reputation for having perpetual sunshine, few people associate our city with fall colors. The truth, however, is that there are some San Diego locations that put on a spectacular fall color show.
    There are wonderful hiking trails at places like Palomar Mountain State Park, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and Cleveland National Forest that really need to be seen to be believed for their beauty.
  3. Have fun with leaves.
    Every child should experience the fun of jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves. Practically a rite of passage, it shouldn’t be passed up.
    You can also use art to make fun creative works of art. For example, you can make a handprint leaf; a crown of leaves; clay leaf prints; and leaf suncatchers.
  4. Pick out a pumpkin.
    Whether you’re looking for the perfect Jack-O-Lantern or fall decoration, going on a hunt to find your perfect pumpkin is a blast. Just as with apple orchards, San Diego has a variety of pumpkin patches.
  5. Enjoy the great outdoors by going camping.
    The cooler weather makes camping so much more enjoyable. Also, since fewer people camp in the fall, you’ll enjoy lower rates and more spaces – and fewer bugs.

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