4 Reasons to Keep Your Cool on Social Media During Divorce


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The combination of a smartphone, a social media account, and the emotions that often come with divorce can prove devastating to your case and your reputation.

In this issue, the San Diego divorce attorneys with the Men’s Legal Center will give you a host of reasons why it makes sense to play it cool on social media – especially during the process of your divorce.

  1. Everything you post – including on social media, and in emails and texts – can be used against you in court.
    Bragging online about a new job opportunity, bonus, inheritance or stock trade can be used as evidence that you’re not being entirely honest about your finances if you haven’t told your soon-to-be former spouse or partner beforehand.
  2. Your posts can be used in custody decisions.
    Because the court will decide custody issues based largely in part on the best interests of the child, it’s not wise to post questionable photos or videos of yourself.
  3. Stay away from online dating sites.
    Even though California is a no-fault state – meaning that no reason is needed for filing for divorce – people often include information on dating sites that differ from what’s said in person. If your testimony is different than what you post online, it could translate to problems in your case.
  4. Posting rants about your ex simply makes you look like a jerk and can cause trouble.
    Yes, emotions often run high during and after a divorce, but venting your frustrations online about your former spouse or partner – an actual human being – will do you more harm than them. All that will be accomplished is the creation of yet another wedge between both of you – and everyone else involved.

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