Research Suggests More Pre-Marital Sex is Good for Marriage


Research Suggests More Pre-Marital Sex is Good for Marriage

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In stunning research from the Institute of Family Studies, women with two pre-marital sex partners have higher divorce rates than women who have up to 9 partners before marriage.

In summarizing his work, researcher Nicholas Wolfinger of the University of Utah said, “If you’re going to have (sex) comparisons to your future husband, it’s best to have more than one.”

Study at a Glance

For his research, Wolfinger relied upon data from the National Survey of Family Growth collected in 2002, 2006 – 2010, and 2011 – 2013.

According to Wolfinger, a seismic generational shift in the attitudes of Americans towards sex is largely responsible for the surprising numbers. While conceding that the degree of “hooking up” has been grossly exaggerated by media outlets, there is indeed a more relaxed attitude towards sex outside of marriage.

For example, according to Wolfinger’s research, over half of new brides in the late 1980s were either virgins or had just one sex partner. By the 2000s, that number had dropped to 28%.

Because American women are now far more likely to have had multiple partners before marriage, the stigma associated with pre-marital sex has waned.

Other findings from Wolfinger’s study include:

  • In the 1970s, 43% of women had just one pre-marital sex partner – that number dropped to 21% by the 2000s
  • In the 1980s, women with just two pre-marital sex partners had a divorce rate of 28% compared to 18% of women who had 10 or more

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