Are Men Without Full-Time Work More Likely to Divorce?


Are Men Without Full-Time Work More Likely to Divorce?

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Studies tell us that for the majority of Americans, being employed has much to do with our self-esteem. In fact, being unemployed while wanting full-time work is among the strongest triggers for depression.

Now, a sociology professor at Harvard University is out with research findings that state men who have lost their jobs face a 32% higher risk of divorce than other married men who are employed full-time.

The Study at a Glance

For the research, Dr. Alexandra Killewald and her team analyzed data from 6,300 married couples from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics – an ongoing survey of U.S. families, which is maintained by the University of Michigan

Killewald narrowed their study to data collected between 1968–2013 and focused on marriages between spouses where were between 18 and 55.

Other Interesting Findings: It’s Different for Girls

In addition to unemployed married men being more vulnerable to divorce than their employed counterparts, researchers found that the employment status of married women had little to no impact on the relationship.

That’s a finding that – according to Killewald – illustrates that the long-held notion of husbands being the primary breadwinners remains largely intact. That’s despite more and more women entering the workplace.

Men Expected to Shoulder Quite a Bit; Let The Men’s Legal Center Share in the Load

There is seemingly quite a bit placed upon men’s shoulders by traditional and contemporary U.S. society.

When it comes to getting a fair deal in family court during a divorce, men definitely need the expertise of skilled lawyers who can best position them for a favorable outcome.

If you’re facing divorce, we urge you to call us here at The Men’s Legal Center. You can reach us by calling 619-234-3838 or via email.


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