Know All the Angles of Child Support


Know All the Angles of Child Support

child support in california

Many men facing divorce rely upon online child support calculators to make sure they’re paying – or receiving – the right amount. While most online calculators run by the state in which the child lives generally do a good job of taking most variables into account, there are plenty more that do not.

How California Calculates Child Support

States vary in how they calculate child support. For example, while some rely solely upon the income of both parents, others factor in child care and health care costs, side jobs, etc. Here in California, the courts rely upon a host of information in determining child support, including (but not limited to):

  • Salaries of both parents
  • Commissions
  • Dividends
  • Workers’ Compensation benefits
  • Financial needs of the child
  • Accustomed standard of living for the child
  • Time child spends with one or both parents

Rules for How Child Support is to be Used

While child support payments are intended to provide funding for child-related expenses, there’s no obligation for your ex to maintain a record of how it’s actually spent.

Agreeing on Child Support Amount Without Going to Court

If you and your ex are able to reach an agreement on the amount to be paid for child support, your lawyer –make sure you have a lawyer to go over the details (!) – can help you prepare the agreement for the court.

Changing Amount Owed in Child Support

As in most other states, there are a host of reasons that would trigger a change in the amount you owe or receive in child support. They include:

  • A change in income of one or both parents (such as one parent remarrying or having a live in boyfriend who pays part of the bills or if one parent loses a job)
  • Incarceration of one parent
  • Needs of the child change (increase or decrease in child care, health care, etc.)

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