Getting Married Past Your 30s Increases Your Risk of Divorce


Getting Married Past Your 30s Increases Your Risk of Divorce

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If you want to decrease the chances of getting divorced, time is of the essence. That’s according to research from the Institute for Family Studies.

The Sweet Spot for Getting Married

The old line of thinking held firm with the notion that as you got older, your chances for divorce went down. Recent data, though, shows that when you reach 32, your odds of getting divorced increase by 5% each year.

The sweet spot for a long-lasting marriage seems to be marrying in your late 20s.

Why Mid to Late 20s Are Ideal for Long Marriage

Lead researcher Nicholas Wolfinger of the University of Utah said that those who marry in their teens or early 20s are at high risk for divorce because most young couples simply do not have the maturity, social abilities and coping skills to make their marriage work.

As for why waiting past 32 to marry could more likely lead to divorce, Wolfinger said that those who wait may not be wired to do well in relationships. Also, when they ultimately decide they’re ready for marriage, their choices for a mate have been winnowed down significantly – often excluding candidates who more likely inclined to enjoy putting in the effort to make a relationship work.

Why is this Phenomenon Happening Now?

A logical question to ask is, if people are more inclined to divorce after marrying in their early 30s, why haven’t we seen this trend before?

Wolfinger points to changing societal views of marriage. For example, the median marriage age in the U.S. is 29 for men and 27 for women. Also, many couples are putting off marriage based upon thoughts that they cannot afford it and there are more socially acceptable alternatives to actually getting married.

Regardless of Your Age, Call the Men’s Legal Center if You’re Facing Divorce

The bottom line is that divorce can occur at any age. While studies like the one above can illustrate trends – and it’s important to be aware of those – it’s also important to understand that there are no guarantees in our lives.

If you’re facing divorce, we invite you to contact the Men’s Legal Center to ensure that your rights are preserved in court. You can call us at 866-636-7534 or send an email.

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