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Jesse Adcock MLC Great Dads

Jesse Adcock MLC Great Dads

Jesse And Fiona receiving the Plaque

Jesse And Fiona receiving the Plaque

What has been the most exciting part of being a dad?

Being a father and role model has always been a dream of mine since a very young age. I loved volunteering at my local church nursery as a young man and felt inspired to be a role model for my own kids one day. The most exciting part of being a Dad for me, is observing the look on my little girl’s face after she has conquered a fear or overcome an obstacle after paying mind to my guidance. There is nothing greater than watching your child light up with a new found sense of accomplishment and achievement, while knowing you influenced a part of it.
What would you like your children to learn from you?
I want my children to learn that confidence and overcoming adversity is something to be proud of. As a young Dad with a 5 year old girl, I hope that my daily lessons inspire my daughter to never fear the world around her, but rather embrace challenges with assertiveness, bravery and a smile.
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Who was an important Mentor in your life and what do you appreciate about them?

My own father, Roy, was (and still is) the most important mentor in my life. Growing up as a young boy, I didn’t realize how hard my father truly worked to support his family as a self made entrepreneur. Fast forward to being a young single Dad starting my own business, my Dad supported me with invaluable advice, tips, and direction. Without my Dad’s mentorship, I wouldn’t be the man or Father I am today!

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Which community service are you most proud of?

With my child recently entering grade school, I am most proud of the time I am spending volunteering at her school. There is a wonderful group of Dads who volunteer at the school (D.A.D.S.- Dads Against Distractions at School) and ensure that there are safety measures upheld, such as: no questionable visitors, the playgrounds are clear and free of debris before and after school, pick up/drop offs go smoothly, teachers have added hands whenever needed, special events are set up and supervised, and the school has an overall safe and secure presence. I love the time I spend volunteering at the school helping parents, staff and kids alike feel safe and cared for.
What do you feel are some of the most important elements of fathering?
If I reach inside and ponder the most challenging moments of fatherhood, I would say that patience is a skill that truly is one of the most important aspects of fathering. Patience takes time, self reflection and a lot of practice. Children are learning and growing daily, and with this process comes mistakes, misbehavior and silliness. Having the patience to not just reprimand, but teach and talk through these instances creates an environment of understanding for kids which I believe is one of the most important elements of being a good Dad.
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What are some of the most challenging things about being a dad that you have been able to overcome?
One of the most challenging things I have overcome has been raising my child as a single Dad. I battled the feeling of letting my little girl down with my failed marriage, and splitting my girl’s time between each parent/home as a result. It is difficult to uphold consistency for a child between distant parents, while establishing a workable middle ground it has taken years of tedious ups and downs. It is never a good feeling to observe an innocent child being caught in the middle of grown-up issues. No matter how well you co-parent, kids know when things are off and working hard to keep my little girl unharmed in the process has been the biggest struggle of parenting thus far. Overcoming this obstacle was obtained with support from my family, friends, and most importantly my significant other. Sometimes you just need some support in your corner to have the confidence you deserve in raising your kids while not letting the past define you.
Which activity or family pictures would you like to share?
1. The first four pictures going down from the top are from a camping trip in Oregon and Washington we took this year, camped at Clear Water Lake in Oregon.
5. Beach clean up we did on our own in Ocean Beach,
6. Fathers day brunch pic on the horn blower,
7. Ice skating
9. Fiona learning to surf in Oceanside,
10. Fiona learning to surf in Oceanside,
11. Rock climbing at Mesa Rim climbing gym,
13. Enjoying a Sundae at Corvette Diner in Liberty Station,
14. Fiona’s Preschool Art Show
15. Picking strawberries at Carlsbad Strawberry fields,
16. Comparison photo of us kayaking at mission bay when Fiona was about 1 1/2, and this past Father’s Day kayaking at lake San Marcos,
17. The next 2 photos are Fiona’s first day of Kindergarten, lastly is Fiona and I at her kindergarten picture day
18. Fiona’s first day of Kindergarten

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