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Summer Vacation Planning Advice for Divorced Dads

If you’re a divorced dad with a school-age child, you should know that the school year will be ending soon, which means summer vacation is right around the corner. In this issue, we’ll share...
Do More Expensive Weddings Lead to Divorce?

Do More Expensive Weddings Lead to Divorce?

Is it true that you can’t buy happiness? A study confirming a possible link between lavish weddings and divorce seems to indicate that. We’ll talk more about it in this issue

How Divorce Is Threatening Popular Snopes Site

A contentious divorce between the founders of “fact-checking” website is showing just how sticky things can be for business owners during divorce proceedings. In this issue, we’ll shed light on what’s happening in...
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Divorced Diets: Men vs. Women

According to a new study from Social Science & Medicine, the diets of divorced men seriously deteriorate after their marriages end. Of course, this is not a firm rule but the trends are interesting....
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Recordkeeping During A Divorce

Keeping track of spending and writing in a diary are probably the last things you are thinking about if you are going through an emotional divorce. However, keeping good records is essential if you...