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Do More Expensive Weddings Lead to Divorce?

Is it true that you can’t buy happiness? A study confirming a possible link between lavish weddings and divorce seems to indicate that. We’ll talk more about it in this issue

How Divorce Is Threatening Popular Snopes Site

A contentious divorce between the founders of “fact-checking” website is showing just how sticky things can be for business owners during divorce proceedings. In this issue, we’ll shed light on what’s happening in...
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Divorced Diets: Men vs. Women

According to a new study from Social Science & Medicine, the diets of divorced men seriously deteriorate after their marriages end. Of course, this is not a firm rule but the trends are interesting....
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Recordkeeping During A Divorce

Keeping track of spending and writing in a diary are probably the last things you are thinking about if you are going through an emotional divorce. However, keeping good records is essential if you...