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Why Are More Women Paying Spousal and Child Support?

Court-ordered obligations to pay spousal and child support have long been are common for many going through the divorce process. A recent survey, however, is confirming that big changes are afoot in terms of...
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How to Get a Copy of Your Divorce Judgment

Once your divorce is final, you will receive a certified copy of your divorce judgment. It will be signed by the presiding judge in your case and will include details about the divorce, including...
How to Maintain In-Law Relationship After Divorce Hispanic mother and daughter

How to Maintain In-Law Relationship After Divorce

We often think of marriage as a relationship between two people. In reality, however, it’s a relationship between two families. Whether you love your former in-laws or can hardly stand being near them, navigating...
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More Americans Cool With Divorce

A new survey by Gallup has found that more U.S. adults than ever before feel that divorce is morally acceptable. When survey participants were asked for the first time by Gallup about their feelings...
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Can Bitter Divorce Affect Your Child’s Health?

We’ve talked before in numerous blog entries about the importance of co-parenting after divorce. A new study has just discovered another good reason to keep things amicable with your ex: your child’s health. We’ll...
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Discover The Meaning Of A Good Divorce

A few years ago, TIME magazine featured a cover story entitled “The Rise of the ‘Good Divorce.’” The obvious question is, “what exactly is a good divorce?” We’ll talk about it in this issue