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Divorce marks more than just the end of a marriage; it also affects the rest of your life and that of your family. Like it or not, divorce has lifelong repercussions, so it is important to make the right decisions while going through this process.

The San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center know that divorce is very stressful. Our attorneys work with those who are facing difficult family law issues and help guide them through the legal process from the initial filing to the entry of final judgment.

A divorce requires the careful preparation and specific knowledge of attorneys who understand California’s complicated divorce laws. Even simple uncontested divorces still require document preparation and filings with the court, as well as, an agreement on the division of assets and debts. The parties must also obtain court orders regarding spousal support, child support, and child custody and visitation, if applicable.

San Diego divorce cases include issues such as:

Child Custody: In any divorce case in which children are involved, child custody is an issue. Many men enter the divorce process with the notion that they will not be able to have their children, but this is not always the case. In fact, more men than ever are gaining primary custody of their children with the help of a family law attorney.

Child Visitation: It is usually in the best interests of the children to have frequent visitation with both parents, and the courts will attempt to provide this in an approved agreement or judgment. However, visitation can become complicated by busy schedules, transportation arrangements and many other issues.

Child Support: Despite commonly held beliefs, child support is not a negotiable issue. Children must be supported by both parents, and the courts have great flexibility in determining how much support each parent should contribute to the children. Courts may consider payment of school fees, health insurance, medical expenses and other costs when determining child support as well as each parent’s income and possible financial hardships. Having the representation and support of an attorney can help fathers negotiate the right amount of child support without causing undue financial distress.

Spousal Support: Alimony and other forms of spousal support are based on individual circumstances. The professional representation of a family law attorney may be the factor that determines how little or how much spousal support an individual must pay to their former spouse.

Property Division: One of the most contentious areas of a divorce may be the division of marital property, also known as community property. Because California observes community property divorce law, judges try to divide assets and debts as evenly as possible. Unfortunately, this may mean having to make decisions that affect one or both parties negatively, especially if a house must be sold, a pension or stocks divided or a business bought out by one of the partners.

High Asset Divorces: Divorces involving large amounts of money or property are often contested and can lead to long drawn out battles. These divorces are often complex, involving inheritances, real estate, stocks and other assets.

Every divorce is different, and anyone who faces a divorce situation must be sure that they are working with an attorney who understands their particular issues. The San Diego divorce lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center work with you to ensure that your individual legal needs are addressed. It is important to contact an attorney at the earliest possible point in your divorce process to ensure you have the most effective representation when so much is at stake. Call us TODAY at (619) 234-3838 to set up your initial consultation.