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What doesn’t kill you makes YOU stronger “Divorce Counseling”

We connect with another human being, plan a marriage, and hope it will last a lifetime. Yet sometimes it does not.

Unless you have gone through a divorce before, most people do not have the proper psychological or coping skills to deal with divorce. It involves a myriad of emotions: loss of your partner, emotional support, dreams, and the shame of failure.

Some psychologists believe it takes half the length of the marriage to rebound. It is good to acknowledge you are in unchartered waters and seek out a professional. To move you through the healing process, seek divorce counseling. Talking with an experienced therapist about the ways divorce is impacting your life will help you cope in more positive ways and help you work through the process in a less emotional manner.

The divorce counselor is there to help you acquire the skills to move on in your life. But do not become co-dependent on your divorce counselor.

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