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Domestic violence seems to be an epidemic in recent years and on the increase. Studies show an increase in domestic violence during the COVID 19 pandemic. The statistics of bi-directional violence (when both people in the relationship engage in violence) are sobering.

US statistics on domestic violence by state on the violence against women versus the percentage of violence against men according to the 2022 World Population Review may be reviewed at Overall, there is more relative violence against women, but a few states stand out as having more domestic violence against men.

What explains the level of bi-directional domestic violence? Some psychologists have weighed in on the topic. Several explanations are a need for control, economic woes, post-traumas (including growing up in dysfunctional homes), learned behavior, substance abuse or alcoholism, suspicion of infidelity, emotional or mental disorders, socio- or psycho-pathic tendencies.

Pay attention to the red flags because these behaviors may only worsen with time. Some red flags are embarrassing or putting you down, intimidating or threatening behavior, isolating you from family or friends, teetering from being extremely nice to being awfully mean, refusing financial help, threatening to harm or take away the children, threatening to harm or kill you.

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