Do Women Suffer More Than Men From Divorce?


Do Women Suffer More Than Men From Divorce?

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While women are generally thought to survive divorce with fewer long-term problems than men, a new study shows that women have a larger gap between their perceived well-being when they are married and when they divorce than men.

The study was conducted by interviewing 131,159 Americans 18 and over as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index based on five basic factors: purpose, social, community, financial and physical. Among those who separated, stress levels were said to be at their highest, with 44.5 percent of separated men claiming that they were extremely stressed and 56 percent of women claiming the same thing, while only 36.8 percent of married people claim to be extremely stressed during an average day.

For divorcees, the gap between what men and women report is enough to be statistically significant. While women are more likely to be stressed on any given day, 47 percent of divorced women reported significant stress while only 40.3 percent of men reported the same problem. In fact, divorced men’s stress levels drop almost back to that of the rest of the population’s relatively quickly, while divorced women stay stressed longer.

Why Are Divorced Women So Stressed?

Women may suffer stress after a divorce for several reasons, including sudden financial burdens that they now bear alone rather than with a spouse, more expenses related to raising children or more expensive living conditions. However, men often face many of the same expenses as well as increases in their costs such as child support or alimony. Why women tend to be more stressed than men after a divorce is a question that will require more study to answer.

Both men and women who are suffering from extreme stress due to a divorce may find it helpful to speak with a counselor or someone else who can help them with stress management techniques. It is also important, if you are going through a divorce, to seek the support of your family and friends.

What Should I Do If I Am Facing A Divorce?

If you are facing divorce, separation, a child custody or support battle or any other family law issue, contact the attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center today. These family law advocates are ready to help you face the issues surrounding the divorce and stand up for your rights. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your case and make a plan for the future.

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