Will Hasselhoff Be Able To Stop Alimony Payments?


Will Hasselhoff Be Able To Stop Alimony Payments?

Will Hasselhoff Be Able To Stop Alimony Payments?

Saying that he’s tired of writing $10,000 monthly alimony checks to his ex-wife, David Hasselhoff is trying to put an end to the court-ordered payments.

In this issue, we’ll share Hasselhoff’s reasoning and talk more about alimony in general.

Why is David Hasselhoff upset about the alimony payments?

Since their divorce in 2006, Hasselhoff has shelled out more than $2.5 million in alimony to his ex, Pamela Bach.

In documents filed to stop the payments, he says that Bach has made no efforts to support herself or even gain potential job skills.

As for her side of the story, Bach contends that the fact she worked for Hasselhoff behind the scenes throughout their 16-year marriage should be enough reason to continue the support.

What does the law say about alimony in California?

In most California counties, the length of alimony is directly related to the length of the marriage itself. For example, in cases where the marriage last less than 10 years, courts will usually order alimony for no longer than half that time.

For cases like Hasselhoff’s where the marriage lasted longer than 10 years, it’s not unusual for the court to not set a termination date of the alimony. Both spouses will, however, retain the right to modification.

Are alimony payments tax deductible?

Yes, you can deduct those payments from your gross income. Likewise, your ex must include the payments as a part of their gross income.

There are a few strict rules to remember about alimony. In order to count as alimony, the payment must be:

  • Made while both parties are not living in the same household
  • Paid in cash, check or money order
  • Received by or on behalf of one of the parties

An important thing to remember is that alimony cannot come in the form of providing a service for your ex, like providing lawn care or cleaning their home.

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