Why Do Women Usually Initiate Divorce?


Why Do Women Usually Initiate Divorce?

why do women initiate divorce

Recent research has revealed that women are more likely to initiate a divorce than men. Michael Rosenfeld, Stanford associate professor of sociology, offers one explanation as to why this is so. He states that “one plausible explanation offered…is that women are more sensitive to relationship difficulties….If that argument is true, however, it would mean that unmarried women in heterosexual relationships should break up with their boyfriends more often than the other way around. Until now, nobody had actually checked to see if that was true.”

It turns out that it is not true. New data from Rosenfeld shows that romantically involved, but unmarried, heterosexual men initiated break-ups as often as their female counterparts. In contrast, he concluded that 69 percent of divorces are initiated by women. Rosenfeld concludes that the reason more women seek divorce than men is still a mystery.

What Should I Do If My Wife Filed for Divorce?

If you have recently been told that your wife is filing for divorce, you are probably experiencing a range of emotions including confusion, anger and fear. What do you do now? The first step you should take is to secure the help of an experienced divorce attorney.

After the Petition for Divorce has been filed and the spouse served, he or she has 30 days to file a Response. If the respondent fails to file a Response, the divorce will proceed without the respondent’s participation. If the respondent files a Response, the parties will exchange information about property and income during the Discovery Process. Once this process is completed, the case is set for trial. Typically, a Mandatory Settlement Conference will be set before the trial. This allows both sides to attempt and settle any issues before trial. If the couple is able to settle, a Marital Settlement Agreement will be drafted. At trial, the attorneys will present the evidence and arguments. The judge will rule on any unresolved issues. Once the judgement is entered, the divorce will be finalized.

The team at Men’s Legal Center is here to help you throughout the entire divorce proceeding. Men often believe they are discriminated against when it comes to divorce, from the division of assets to child custody decisions. To protect yourself, your assets and your relationship with your children, it is important to act quickly and ensure you are properly represented.

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