When Your Ex Won't Accept Your New Partner


When Your Ex Won’t Accept Your New Partner

New Partner after divorce

Many people who have enjoyed relatively friendly divorce situations find that things change quickly when they meet a new partner.  Even if you are on very good terms with your former spouse, it is entirely possible that problems may arise when you become involved with a new partner.

It is not reasonable to think that either partner would stay single forever; however, many former partners and children seem to expect exactly that.  The problem may be worse if you have children with your former partner; many ex-spouses may see your new romantic relationship as threatening your children as well as them.

How can you introduce a new partner into your situation without creating problems?  Here are a few tips.

  • Wait awhile. It may be tempting to start dating soon after your divorce, but it is usually better to wait until everyone has had a chance to adjust to the new circumstances.  It is important that you give yourself, your partner and your children some time to grieve the old life and begin to look forward to the new.
  • Date some time before introducing a new interest to your former family. Before you introduce a new partner to your children or your former spouse, be sure that this is a relationship you want to pursue.  Give yourself a few months to get to know your new partner first.
  • Stay honest. If you met your partner before your divorce, it does no good to lie about it; in fact, this may make things worse.  Do not volunteer any details, but do yourself and your family the courtesy of being honest.  You should expect that your ex-spouse and children will be resentful, so be sensitive to this issue and be sure that you do not force a relationship until everyone is ready.

You have the right to pursue your own happiness, but you should remember that your former family may have different feelings about your new relationship.  Be aware of these feelings and try to work with them whenever possible, and you will do both yourself and your family a favor.

If you have questions about divorce, child custody and child support, contact the attorneys at Men’s Legal Center in San Diego.  These lawyers are ready to work with you to protect your rights and ensure that your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible.



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