When Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence



Domestic violence is a problem in many marriages, but most people automatically think of women or children as victims instead of men. However, recent studies show that a growing number of men are actually victims of violence in their own homes. Hiring a divorce attorney, who understands the problems surrounding male victims of DV is important in these cases, as there is still a great deal of misconception about the problem.

Can Men Be Victims of DV?

Some people do not believe that men can be victims of domestic violence. While women certainly make up a larger segment of the victim population, it is also true that a growing number of men are coming forward with tales of violence in their own homes. However, because there may be a stigma associated with reporting DV for men, we are not sure of how many men this problem may actually affect.

One group notes that about 3 million verified cases of domestic abuse each year involve men. Another group makes the bold claim that up to 40 percent of all DV is directed at men, but that the media and police often ignore these problems. According to some experts, men are not only less likely to report domestic violence but they are more likely to be dismissed as victims since men should be “able to defend themselves.” This is terribly ironic for the victims, as physically defending themselves could immediately result in criminal charges against them, since their abusers would likely report them to the police!

What Can I Do If I Am The Victim of Domestic Violence?

If you are the victim of DV, it is very important to talk to a domestic violence attorney immediately. The most important thing is your physical safety. If you are being physically assaulted, remove yourself from the situation and seek safe shelter. If your children are being assaulted, it is important to remove them from danger immediately and notify the police.

Once you have secured your safety and that of your children, contact a divorce lawyer in San Diego like those at the Men’s Legal Center. These San Diego divorce lawyers may be able to help you gather evidence to show a pattern of abuse toward yourself or your children that will allow you to present a strong case to a judge. Contact us today for more information.

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