What is Collaborative Divorce Law?


collaborative divorce law

If you are going through a divorce, the collaborative law process could work for you. This special process offers couples a court-free way of getting a divorce. During a collaborative divorce, the couple does not have to appear before a judge. Instead, they work together with a team of professionals, such as attorneys, therapists and financial experts, to settle the divorce.

Is the Collaborative Divorce Process Different from a Regular Divorce?

In many ways, a collaborative divorce is similar to a regular divorce. The main difference is that a collaborative divorce is non-adversarial. This means that you will not be fighting against your spouse to get an advantage in the settlement. While you are not expected to agree on everything, collaborative law can help you and your ex-spouse find solutions to disputes. These disputes are often the same divorce to divorce and usually revolve around the amount of spousal support, who receives the family home and who gets the kids. In a collaborative law divorce, no judgement is needed.

How Do I Begin the Collaborative Divorce Process?

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse want a divorce, you can begin the collaborative process by signing a contract. This contract states that you agree to resolve all issues outside of the court. By taking your divorce out of court, neither partner will need to undergo depositions, answer subpoenas or even testify. However, for this process to work it is imperative that both partners agree to act fairly, respectfully and reasonably.

This special divorce process also requires you to freely and honestly provide all requested information and records that pertain to the divorce. This includes all of your financial assets and debts. If you do not believe that your spouse will be honest, you may want to pursue a regular divorce where the court can order your spouse to disclosure all information.

Collaborative law divorce can be a good choice if you wish to take an active role in creating the solutions to the issues in your divorce. In many cases, collaborative law divorce is less expensive and stressful and is often quicker than traditional divorce. Couples who have children may find that it is also easier on the kids because they see their parents are willing to work together.

If you are considering divorce and think collaborative law divorce could work for you, give the divorce attorneys at Men’s Legal Center a call today. We will review your case and advise you on your best legal options.

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