What Is An Uncontested Divorce?


What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

uncontested divorce

The term “uncontested divorce” may be misleading to some people. The words do not mean that the couple agree on every aspect of their separation; instead, it simply means that they have both agreed that they are going to pursue a divorce without putting up legal arguments as to why the marriage should remain intact. It is possible to have an “uncontested divorce” in which there is still quite a bit of argument over what will happen with regards to child custody and property division.


It is very important that, even if you plan on having an “uncontested divorce,” you hire an attorney who is familiar with child custody laws in San Diego if you have children. Men’s Legal Center can offer you a professional and experienced San Diego divorce attorney for men who can guide you through the process with minimal problems and stress.


What Is An Uncontested Vs. A Litigated Divorce?


The most fundamental categories into which divorces fall are those that are uncontested and those that are litigated. Litigation in divorce courts can take years to settle and can quickly wipe out assets, making this process something to avoid if at all possible.


Conversely, an uncontested divorce means that the parties agree to the basic facts and both want to dissolve the marriage. It is much easier to resolve an uncontested divorce through compromise or even mediation than it is to resolve a litigated divorce in which the clients both spend years fighting over children or assets.


However, it is also important to realize that, even in an uncontested divorce, some of the same issues will arise as during a litigated divorce action. The following questions must be answered successfully in order to complete a divorce action:


  • Who will have custody of the children and what will the visitation schedule be?
  • How much child support will be paid and by which party?
  • How will the marital assets be divided?
  • How will the marital bills be divided?


Of all of the questions surrounding a divorce, child custody and support as well as property division generate the largest share of disputes. Having an experienced child support attorney in San Diego on your side may make this part of the negotiation go much more smoothly. In fact, the San Diego child support lawyers at Men’s Legal Center can often shorten the negotiation process and actually save you money in the long run versus fighting with your ex-spouse over relatively small amounts of money.


Call today for a consultation about your divorce case. The attorneys at Men’s Legal Center are ready to help.

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