Wealthy Kids Hit Harder Than Poor Kids In Divorce


Wealthy Kids Hit Harder Than Poor Kids In Divorce

wealthy kids and divorce

A recent study suggests that children from wealthier families may be affected more negatively in a divorce than those from poorer families. Researchers based their conclusions on data that includes a larger behavior spike for children from wealthy families than children from poorer families. Additionally, the research suggests that wealthy children benefit more from being admitted into step families.

Children Affected By Divorce In Different Ways

The study was published in the journal, Child Development. While results tend to show a correlation between family income and impact on children in a divorce, researchers were quick to point out that money is not always a factor when determining the reason for spikes in behavioral problems for wealthy children. For example, age can play a large role in how the child internalizes the divorce, with the most vulnerable age being between three and five years old.

The study was conducted by researchers from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. They collated the data of around 4,000 children nationwide with statistics provided by the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. They divided these 4,000 children into three groups after analysing their parents’ income and the effect the change had on the child.

“For Better And For Worse”

“Our findings suggest that family changes affect children’s behavior in higher-income families more than children’s behavior in lower-income families — for better and for worse,” said an assistant researcher at Georgetown and the study’s lead author, Rebecca Ryan.

Ryan did not find a concrete reason to explain why higher-income families go through more turmoil. One suggestion postulated by Ryan was that the father, who is typically the breadwinner of the family and has the highest income, tends to be the one to move away from the family. This has serious consequences on the financial situation of the family. Children may be forced to move from fee–paying schools to public schools, creating a new atmosphere for the child that may not be beneficial. She also suggests that because lower-income families tend to divorce more, children tend to be more acclimatized to change within the family, so the prospect of a family splitting up does not affect them as much as a wealthy child.

What Can I Do To Protect My Children?

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