Uncovering Hidden Assets Through Litigation


Uncovering Hidden Assets Through Litigation

Hidden Assets

When marriage gets tough, people often resort to hiding their money away in the anticipation of a divorce. Although the law states that the couple should divide their assets because they are community property, many believe that they should not give their hard-earned money away just because they are divorcing. Funds may be passed around through friends or kept in an offshore bank account and even placed in secret stock brokerage accounts.

However, in modern times hiding large sums of money has become an arduous task due to the advent of online records that can track where money is being transferred. It is ill-advised to attempt to hide any significant amount of cash, as it is likely someone will find out.

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, two out of three marriages have some hidden fund involved. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers report that nine out of 10 lawyers see clients using smartphones to uncover financial infidelity, whether this is on social media pages, PayPal deposits or through emails.

So what do you do if you believe your partner is hiding money from you? There are several methods you can use to locate hidden assets.

The Electronic Trail

Everything is online nowadays, so the Internet is often the best place to start looking. Look through your family computer’s social media and browser history if possible to see if your partner has been talking about transferring money. You can also find software online that gathers information on your computer. If you wish, you can install tracking software on your computer and any smartphones that are in your name; however, beware of trying to place any tracking device on a phone not owned by you. You can use a GPS tracker to find out if your spouse is making secret ATM visits and possible withdrawals.

Hire An Attorney Who Has Experience In Uncovering Hidden Assets

If you suspect financial infidelity then it is important that you do not hire just any attorney. An attorney who is well-versed in uncovering hidden assets can be more effective than simply scouring your partner’s social media pages. Attorneys who deal with finding hidden assets have cutting-edge strategies that allow them to give you the help you deserve, such as using advanced software that delves deep into financial statements to find any irregularities.

Attorneys also know when a piece of evidence is admissible in court, helping you avoid the problem of evidence that is inadmissible due to privacy laws. Information that was illegally obtained may get you into trouble, although certain types of knowledge can be helpful in negotiations outside of court. Allowing your attorney to handle these matters is usually the safest way to proceed.

If you believe your partner is hiding money, contact the Men’s Legal Center now. The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center will help you uncover evidence of a partner’s hidden assets and make the best possible case for you in any divorce situation.

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