Survey Shows That Men Suffer More Than Women after a Divorce


Divorce is hard on anyone who is involved with this difficult process, and one of the most difficult periods that must be faced by those who end their marriages is the time period that arises after a divorce is complete.  For many years, most have known that children tend to suffer greatly as a result of this process, but a new survey that was performed in Europe has revealed that men tend to suffer after a divorce more than women.

In a survey conducted in the United Kingdom that interviewed divorced couples after the process was complete, nearly half of all men questioned reported feeling ‘very lonely’ in their new single state as compared to only 35 percent of women.  Other studies have shown that men also tend to gain weight after a divorce, where women have not shown the same tendency after the result was complete.  These survey results have led to much in the way of surprise by those who track these issues and study them.

Some of the initial explanations offered for this result include the fact that many times, men bear the financial brunt of a divorce by way of ongoing spousal and child support payments and by incurring other financial obligations.  This can lead to challenges when it comes to meeting someone new and potentially taking on even more of a financial burden.  In addition, many fathers do not have primary custody of their children, only adding to the emotional toll.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

This survey should alert people to the reality that everyone suffers because of a divorce, and that most certainly includes the husbands and fathers whose lives change radically.  That is also why husbands and fathers deserve to have their legal rights protected and enforced as much as anyone else involved in the process.

If you are facing the prospect of the end of your marriage and you want to make sure that your rights do not go unprotected, you need to seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have been helping fathers and husbands through this process for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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