Summer Visitation Options for Dads


Summer Visitation Options for Dads

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If you work a full-time job, you may find it difficult to have time off in the summer when your children are out of school. However, if you are lucky enough to have a substantial block of vacation time available, you may be able to work out a longer visit with your kids as part of your divorce settlement.

It is relatively common for spouses to agree to at least one long “visit” during the year. This extended visitation time often occurs in the summer when the kids are out of school. However, it is also possible to schedule longer visits during the holidays, spring break or at other times.

Here are some common questions men ask about scheduling extended visitations and answers from the Men’s Legal Center, a law firm in San Diego that helps men going through divorces.

Q: Do my spouse and I have to put our agreement in writing? Can we just settle it ourselves?

A: It is always best when former spouses cooperate. However, it never hurts to have things reduced to writing in order to protect yourself if your ex suddenly wants to change terms. Further, your former spouse and your children may be more cooperative about visitation schedules if it is “written down” rather than verbal.

Q: Must I pay child support in the summer? My children are with me for a full month.

A: Regardless of the time your children are with you, you are not relieved from your obligation to pay child support unless your divorce agreement specifically states so. Your divorce agreement should also spell out exactly which fees each spouse will pay over the break, including summer camp fees and other costs while your children are with you.

Q: Do I have to pay for my child’s plane ticket? My ex moved away after our divorce.

A: The time to anticipate a possible spousal move is prior to signing the divorce agreement. You can easily include in your final settlement a provision that if your spouse moves more than 200 miles away she will pay all costs to transport the child to and from your home for visitation. Further, the agreement can also be written to self-modify the visitation schedule if your spouse moves away.

The Men’s Legal Center is ready to help you with all your legal questions. Contact us today to discuss your divorce, child visitation and child support issues.

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