Study Shows Women More Likely To Launch Divorce


Study Shows Women More Likely To Launch Divorce

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A study carried out by Stanford University has revealed that women are far more likely to initiate divorce proceedings than men. The national study involved 4,002 adults.

While men were just as likely as women to initiate a breakup among unmarried couples, 69% of the married women in the study were the first to utter the words “I want a divorce.” That’s compared to 31% of men who pulled the trigger on the split.

Why Do Women Initiate Divorce More?

Going back to the Stanford study, there are clear reasons to justify the high rates of divorces launched by women. Among the findings, women in the study were:

  • Less satisfied than men while married
  • More attuned to marriage difficulties requiring action
  • Reacting to rapid changes in perceptions of women’s roles in society – particularly in their careers – and within families – which hasn’t changed much at all

That last bullet is important because in earlier studies, it was shown that from 1965 to 2000, married fathers had upped their share of caregiving in the home. However, it wasn’t enough, as married women were still doing about two-thirds of all of the housework.

Do Women Lose Interest

The Stanford researchers also noted that women’s attractiveness to men nosedives dramatically over the course of their adult lives. Combined with the fact that the term “divorce” has much less of a stigma than it used to in years past, women are perhaps more secure than ever that they will be less likely to experience shame or humiliation.

Likewise, because women have been making strides in the workplace and are earning more, they may become aware of feelings that staying in the marriage is a form of “settling.”

Men’s Legal Center is Your Divorce Resource

Regardless of who has the first desire for a divorce in your marriage, we strongly recommend you have skilled legal advice from someone who knows divorce and family law.

The San Diego men’s rights lawyers here at the Men’s Legal Center are committed to providing you with the knowledge, experience and resources needed to put you in the best possible position for a positive and fair outcome.

If you’re a man facing or considering divorce, we urge you to call the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego at (619) 234-3838.

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