Study Shows Differing Divorce Rates for Different Levels of Education


Study Shows Differing Divorce Rates for Different Levels of Education

When people study the issue of divorce, they tend to look at this phenomenon from every different angle possible.  The reason for so much study of divorce is because researchers from all over the world are attempting to identify patterns or some sort of answer as to why they occur and perhaps how they can be avoided.  Recently, another new study was published that looked at the divorce rates for people with varying degrees of education.

According to researchers at Bowling Green State University who recently published a statistical study regarding the divorce rates for people with varying levels of education, people who have completed some college but did not obtain a degree have the highest divorce rate among all levels of educational achievement.  In a strange and relatively unexpected twist, women who did not have a high school diploma or a GED had basically the same rate of divorce as women who had completed a college degree.

As is always the case with these divorce studies, experts are beginning to offer theories regarding how these results could be explained.  However, it is difficult to do so when both the least and the most educated women in a study have relatively low divorce rates and women with a mid-level education have the highest.  It’s certain that experts will continue to attempt to offer theories as the results are digested.

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