Study Shows Changing Demographics Among Those Who Get Married


Study Shows Changing Demographics Among Those Who Get Married

Marriage has always been seen as a social institution that knew no bounds in terms of age, income level, education level or any other form of measurement.  However, a recent study has revealed that the demographics regarding those who choose to get married in the United States has been changing in recent years, and the conclusion of this study is that those who have a higher level of income are more likely to marry.


The study was performed by the Brookings Institute, and it is known as the Hamilton Project.  The study reviewed the income levels of people in the United States who have gotten married between the years of 1970 and 2011, and it looked at the income levels of both men and women.  Specifically, the study revealed that those who generated lower levels of income have gotten married at a declining rate since 1970.  However, the correlation was not found to be quite as strong in women as it was in men.

As is always the case when a new study presents results that are surprising to experts in several disciplines, many different schools of thought are offering theories.  The theories reacting to this study include the notions that men are not earning as much percentage-wise as women since women have entered the workforce and the higher rates of unemployment in men has also contributed to this trend.

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A natural logical result of this type of a study would be that more people are also getting divorced who generate higher levels of income than in the past.  When more assets are on the line when a marriage ends, the legal fallout from such a decision can become both complicated and extremely antagonistic for many reasons.

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce and you’re concerned about how to protect your assets and making sure that your rights are protected, you need to obtain the help of San Diego high asset divorce lawyers who have been helping husbands and fathers through this process for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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