Study Reveals Video Games a Growing Reason for People Seeking Divorce


Study Reveals Video Games a Growing Reason for People Seeking Divorce

Study Reveals Video Games a Growing Reason for People Seeking Divorce

Even though the country generally follows a system of no-fault divorce, which means that someone asking for a divorce does not need to state a specific legal reason for it, there are still many studies done that attempt to categorize the different reasons that divorces come about.  Traditionally, issues such as money and communication problems have almost always been among the leading causes of divorce, but a recent study indicates that a new cause is moving up the list.

This new cause is video games, according to a study performed by Divorce Online.  This study asked people why they pursued a divorce, and within the category of ‘unreasonable behavior’ was the specific answer of ‘video games’.  This answer was given by 15 percent of those who responded to the questions, and this figure compares to a mere 5 percent from one year ago.  Tripling a percentage in only one year, regardless of what that reason is for a divorce, means that experts will likely begin to pay more attention to this problem.

The experts who have chimed in with regards to this study have stated in general that video game playing is just another form of escape that spouses partake in to avoid their everyday problems.  More traditional means of escape have included alcohol and drug abuse, gambling and other forms of behavior that have led to the end of countless marriages.

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Clearly, this study does not suggest that people who play video games are more likely than others to pursue a divorce.  However, it does indicate a growing problem and people who are facing the possibility of ending their marriages need to take proactive steps to make sure that their legal rights are properly protected.

If you are facing the possibility of ending your marriage, you need to seek the help of experienced San Diego divorce lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of fathers and husbands successfully for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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