Single Parent Road Travel Tips


Single Parent Road Travel Tips

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If your summertime plans include a road trip with your children, you can save yourself many headaches with a little pre-planning.

In this issue, the San Diego family law attorney with the Men’s Legal Center will share a few traveling tips so that you can concentrate on some quality time with your family.

Preparing for a Family Road Trip With Children

Before heading for the open highways with your children, talk with their other parent about available dates and secure permission to take the child across state borders if that’s your plan.

  1. Plan your route.
    In the age of GPS apps, it’s difficult for just about anyone to get lost while traveling. Still, make sure your GPS is updated, then punch in your destination address and familiarize yourself with the route.
  2. Prepare for the inevitable mess.
    Before you hit the road, give your car a good cleaning – both inside and out. In a small container, pack cleaning items (paper towels, baby wipes, small empty bags, etc.) to take care of the inevitable messes that will be made along the way. Plan to include some pit stops along the way to clean things out as you go.
  3. Bring entertainment along if your trip is a long one.
    If you’re going to be on the road for hours at a time, pack books, a tablet or other game that your children can use by themselves. This helps in reducing tension and gives everyone a bit of breathing room.
  4. Don’t be so obsessed with “making good time;” enjoy a bit of spontaneity.
    Even though you’ve already planned the entire trip, who knows what wonders will catch the attention of you and your children, and when you’ll see them again?

    This basically revolves around the idea of “learning to live in the moment,” and is something you will definitely not regret.

If you’re a parent considering divorce in San Diego, call the Men’s Legal Center.

From reading our site, you can tell we’re big on the idea of family! The relationships between a child and parent is one that should be nourished and cherished.

If you’re a parent in San Diego considering divorce, you definitely need a skilled and experienced family lawyer on your side. Here at the Men’s Legal Center, we have an abundance of resources for you, and will gladly help you in any way we can.

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