Reconciling Religion and Divorce


religion and divorce

Did you know that long ago, divorce was strictly an ecclesiastical or church-related issue?  Civil judges did not grant divorces; only a church official had the power to do so.  Times have certainly changed; today, religion cannot enter into the divorce process in any way and all divorces are issues for state civil courts.

However, in a larger sense, religion still plays a role in divorce.  Sometimes, men with strongly-held religious beliefs may have trouble reconciling themselves to the idea of a divorce, especially if their particular religion teaches that this action is wrong or bad.

Religions and Beliefs on Divorce

In general, religious groups try to uphold marriage by frowning on divorce as a solution to problems.  On the other hand, most religious groups also support men and women who need to end a marriage by providing some way for them to do so and still stay within the confines of religious teaching.  It is important that devoutly religious people who are considering a divorce understand what their religion actually teaches about divorce and make a decision as to how they feel about these teachings.

It can cause internal conflict for some men when their lifelong beliefs come up against the reality of a divorce situation.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you explore this issue:

  • You have an absolute right to your religious beliefs and should not have to give them up for anyone.  On the other hand, you cannot force anyone else to believe the way you do, so you must also respect everyone else’s beliefs.
  • Sometimes we have a misunderstanding of the reality of a religion’s teachings.  It is best to talk to someone you trust and who has training and education in your religion about what your belief system teaches about divorce.
  • A divorce will always be decided in a non-religious court, so it is important to remember that your religion’s beliefs are not binding on a judge or anyone else involved in the divorce process.

Finally, it is very important to stay true to yourself and your beliefs when going through a divorce, but it is also important for you to protect your finances and your children during this process.  Sometimes this causes conflict between what you would like to do and what you should do.  A divorce attorney from Men’s Legal Center can work with you to ensure that your rights are protected during this difficult time.

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