Prenup: Entering Into a Financially Responsible Economic Marriage


Prenup: Entering Into a Financially Responsible Economic Marriage

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Getting your fiancé to sign up for a prenuptial contract is probably the most uncomfortable thing you ever have to do. Most times you don’t even want to do it but your family wants you to look out for yourself. Given that there are so many things men can be responsible for post-divorce, a prenuptial agreement is not the worst thing in the world if it protects you and your assets.

On the other hand, requesting a prenup makes it look like there is a possibility of divorce down the road. Which makes you think that if you are expecting divorce even before getting married, is she the right one? And once you break the news to her, she’s thinking the same. So, while it can be a good thing for you, it’s important you tread carefully and follow these tips.

Think and Think Again

No one knows your fiancé better than you. If she believes in the financially economic partnership idea as well, she will be more than happy to sign a prenup. If not, don’t do it because you don’t want to end the relationship before it has even started.

If You Want To Do It, Do It Right Away

Prenups are becoming more common by the day. Many children have seen their parents divorce and watched them struggle. They know the worse that can happen even in the best relationships. It’s best to have this conversation way before the wedding planning starts. Making it clear to her from the get-go that you require a prenuptial contract is better than handing her a bunch of papers to sign when she’s sitting in a white dress. Discussing it beforehand will help her decide if she wants to say yes when you propose to her.

Pay for Her Lawyer

Just like you pay for dinner when you ask her out, pay for her lawyer as well. It’s only courteous.

If you are unsure about prenuptial agreements or don’t know how to draft one, contact Men’s Legal Center for a consultation.

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