Pets are Positive for Children of Divorce


Pets are Positive for Children of Divorce

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Despite parents’ best efforts, children can wind up suffering most during the divorce process. Divorce is not the children’s decision, yet it has a huge effect on their day-to-day life. One of the big things that can help during this transition is a pet. Pets are excellent friends to children going through a divorce and can often provide very therapeutic support during this stressful time.

Positive Benefits of a Pet

One of the first benefits pets offer to children is love. Pets have the ability to extend a love that is not based on the conditions of the divorce. A dog will not try to use children as leverage and will not be depressed from the divorce. Pets will still be there even while everything else is going crazy. This is very important for children who are in the middle of an emotionally charged situation.

Along those same lines a pet also can be a friend. Many children feel that their pets are more reliable companions than many people in their lives. Pets are both trustworthy and loyal. In a time when children are questioning who and what they can trust, pets give them the ability to trust again. Along with giving them a sense of security, pets also refrain from judgment, accepting children unconditionally.

Pets provide great company for children at a time when both parents are working through the divorce process. All the details of dealing with divorce can tie parents up in terms of time as well as energy. Pets can provide companionship that can keep children from feeling too lonely.

There is a positive benefit for the parent as well. Pets have been shown to provide psychological and even physical benefits. For example, taking the dog for a walk can provide exercise to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, as well as reduce stress.

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