Oklahoma Legislature to Look Into Repeal of No-Fault Divorce Laws


Oklahoma Legislature to Look Into Repeal of No-Fault Divorce Laws

For two generations, the majority of the jurisdictions in the United States have had a no-fault divorce system in place that does not require those who wish to end their marriages to state and prove grounds for the legal dissolution of those marriages.  During that same timeframe, the divorce rate across the United States has risen precipitously.  Some in different levels of government are beginning to attribute those two occurrences as being linked to each other, and there have been rumblings in different places about whether or not the no-fault divorce system should be reviewed and perhaps repealed.

It seems that some state legislators in Oklahoma have begun to openly question the no-fault divorce system that exists in their state, and they are calling for a review of this system with the possibility of repealing it or at least changing it to some extent.  Specifically, these Oklahoma legislators believe that if there are situations where abuse is occurring or some other harm is being done to children of a marriage, eliminating the no-fault divorce system could lead to a faster conclusion to these cases.

The state representatives who are espousing this idea point to the overcrowded court dockets for no-fault divorce cases and the resulting length of time that a typical divorce can take from start to finish.  They see this long, drawn-out timeframe as potentially harmful to those who are most affected by this current system.

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While it’s clearly in the earliest of stages, any change from the no-fault divorce system, even if it’s done in the interests of protecting children who are subject to custody battles, would be radical in nature and could change the entire way that divorce cases are handled.  The issue is sure to spark controversy in Oklahoma or anywhere else where this possibility is offered.

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