Why Not To Get Married On Your “Lucky Day”


Why Not To Get Married On Your “Lucky Day”


A first-of-its-kind study has found that couples who choose gimmick dates for their weddings (Valentine’s Day, unique number dates like 09/9/99 or “lucky number” dates) are more likely to divorce than are their peers who opt for regular dates.

The Study at a Glance

While there’s been a host of research carried out to raise awareness of the risks of divorce, Dr. Jan Kabatek and Professor David Ribar of The University of Melbourne say that theirs is the first such study of its kind.

The researchers relied upon Dutch registries that contained information on all marriages and divorces in that country between 1999 – 2013. Well over a million marriages were represented in the data.

By their 5th anniversaries, 11% of Valentine’s Day marriages were estimated to fail. That number increased to 21% by their 9th anniversary.

For number-date marriages, 10% were estimated to fail by their 5th anniversary; by the time their 9th anniversary rolled around, 19% were estimated to fail.

As for the ordinary-date marriages, 8% of those in the data had failed by the 5th anniversary; the number rose to 16% by the time of the 9th anniversary.

Those Who Marry on Special Dates Have Less in Common; More Likely to Have Children

“We found that spouses who married on special dates were less alike, in terms of education and ages, than spouses who married on ordinary dates. We also found that brides who married on Valentine’s Day were more likely to be pregnant on their wedding day than those who married on ordinary days,” said Dr. Kabatek.

Another finding was that people who tied the knot on special dates were more likely to have been married at least once before and were more likely to already have children.

The researchers were quick to emphasize that it’s obviously not the date of the wedding itself that increases the marriage’s vulnerability but rather what the selection of the date reveals about the couple.

“(We found that) couples who marry on ordinary dates may be more strongly influenced by characteristics of their relationships and their compatibility than couples who marry on special dates,” said Ribar.

Regardless of the Cause of Your Divorce, You Need Legal Representation

If your soon-to-be ex has a divorce lawyer and you do not, your divorce will not be a fair fight. Regardless of the reason for the split, you need a professional fighting on your behalf to make sure your interests and rights are protected.

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