Nesting: The New Post-Divorce Parenting Idea


The New Post-Divorce Parenting Idea Gavel Statue

There’s a relatively new term that’s making its way across the relationship lexicon these days. It’s called “nesting.”

If you’re a divorced father or soon will be, you’ll want to hear about it. We’ll talk about nesting in this issue.

What is nesting?

A recent article in the Washington Post does a fairly good job of explaining nesting. Essentially, it involves children remaining in the family home while the parents rotate moving in and out depending upon their custody agreement.

While traditional agreements require children to move between houses, in nesting its the adults who do all the moving.

What are the benefits of nesting?

For children, nesting can provide a sense of permanence that stems from their environment staying pretty much the same. Also, the continuance of routine can be good, as can seeing both parents cooperating for the children’s sake. 

Are there downsides to nesting?

Nesting can take a huge amount of effort from the parents in order to work. If the parents have a tendency to argue, and do so in front of the children, it can potentially be more damaging to the child than shared custody.

Also, potential flashpoints like household cleaning and shopping are numerous, and can easily cause disagreements. When you throw in the factor that nesting will sometimes require the costs associated with maintaining 3 houses, it becomes clear that nesting may not be for everyone. 

Are there alternatives to nesting?

Of course, there are! In a previous blog entry, we shared the notion of a “good divorce.”  Beneficial for children and adults alike, good divorces center upon basic trust and communication, and emotional closure for all parties.

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