Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Support


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When parents of minor children reach the end of the divorce process, you can safely assume a court order for support will be included. In the majority of cases, the non-custodial parent makes the payments.

While the payments can cause the paying parent to tighten their budget, financial support is necessary to maintain the well-being of the child.

Because the order mandating the support payments comes from the court, making any mistakes or not taking steps to protect yourself can easily lead to a world of legal hurt.

In this issue, child support attorney’s San Diego with the Men’s Legal Center will give you a listing of common mistakes to avoid while making spousal or child support payments.

Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Support

Throughout our years of helping Californians through their divorces and during their post-divorce lives, we’ve seen many good things…and many not-so-good things. One of the most surefire ways to make a tough decision even tougher is to make one of these mistakes while being required to pay support.

  • Not requesting a modification. If you experience a life-changing event such as a loss of employment or a drastic reduction in pay, you need to speak with your divorce lawyer about filing an order of modification. Even if you and your ex have an agreement or understanding in place, you’re still required to pay the original support amount if there’s no court order.
  • Not being able to prove you paid. Whatever you do, do not make your support payments in cash. At least with a check, you’re able to provide proof that you paid. While the divorce order will spell out how the payments are to be made, any deviation from that method could be viewed as simply a gift.
  • Not realizing the factors involved in calculating the amount of support to be paid. While there is no shortage of online support calculators, they do not factor in all of the dynamics associated with reaching a monthly amount of support. For example, the amount of time you spend with your child and the things you do on their behalf every day need to be considered. Rather than relying on the calculators, let your divorce attorney guide you through the process.

For answers to all of your support questions, call the San Diego men’s divorce lawyers with the Men’s Legal Center.

No matter how peaceful your relationship may be with your soon-to-be former spouse or partner, you need to be proactive in protecting yourself on all legal fronts, like Dennis Quaid about child support.

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