Minnesota Latest State to Consider Changing Child Custody Standards


Minnesota Latest State to Consider Changing Child Custody Standards

As society continues to evolve and change in terms of its family dynamics, the number of people in a household who work and with other particulars, there are changes that are being considered in a legal sense that would reflect this evolvement.  One of those changes is being considered currently in Minnesota, where a bill currently making its way through the legislature would change the way that child custody is handled in the state.

House File 322, if it were to become law, would require that in divorce cases where child custody is contested, each parent must be awarded a minimum of 45.1 percent of the time with those children.  In effect, this would create a presumption of joint legal custody in divorce cases.  The only times where a different result would be reached would be in cases where domestic abuse has been present or one parent is causing harm to the child or children in some other manner.

As would be expected, this bill is generating intense arguments from both those who support it and those who are against it.  Those who support the bill believe it reflects the current norms of most parents and it puts an end to the perceived bias towards mothers in child custody cases.  Those against it believe that it removes the valuable tool of discretion that is present with judges who can decide what’s in the best interest of a child.

San Diego Child Custody Lawyers

Clearly, it seems that the laws regarding child custody are changing around the United States.  This is not a new phenomenon, as laws dealing with divorce, support, custody and other family law matters have changed over time to reflect a developing society.  However, as it stands now, a father in California facing a child custody battle needs to seek professional help to build his case.

If you are one of those fathers facing this struggle, you need to seek the help of San Diego child custody lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of husbands and fathers for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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